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Improved Checklist

This is an improved checklist for the Cessna 152 (1983) airplane.

This is not a toy, but a real checklist intended for real pilots that fly the Cessna 152 (1983).

I (the author) have used this checklist all the way through Private Pilot and whenever flying theCessna 152 (1983).

Improvements to the original checklist include many real-world checks that were not included in the original checklist, such as:

  • A.R.R.O.W. documents,
  • Antennae
  • Wing Flaps
  • and many other checks
  • Reminder to close your flight plan.

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Other Features

Other features include convenient color-coding to easily identify which checklists to use and when.

For example, the green-side is for all your ground checks from pre-flight to before takeoff.

The blue-side is for all your airborne checklists and includes everything from takeoff to landing and securing the airplane.

The red-area is your emergency procedures, and the black area is important aircraft information to quickly reference your V-speeds and best-glide speed.I folds cleanly in half.

No necessary text falls on the fold, so it’s easy to read folded in-half in one handed manage while controlling the airplaneThe checklist looks best when printed on 28lb or heavier paper. For comparison, your standard printer paper is about 20lb, which bleeds through slightly. Go with 28lb paper, then laminate for your best results.

DISCLAIMER – This checklist is for informational purposes only, and does not replace the checklist in your aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook (POH). Kayonix, LLC and Kenneth M. O’Gorman assume no liability or responsibility for injury, death or damages incurred while using this checklist.

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