Byobu is a great terminal multiplexer.

You can usually get it on a debian system via:

    • apt install byobu

After it’s installed, just invoke it from the cli:

    • byobu

Now that it’s open, here some common navigation tips:

  • F1 – Brings up the Help and Configuration page
  • F2 – Opens another terminal.  This is indicated at the bottom via: 2:–
  • F3 – Change focus,/go FORWARD one screen.
  • F4 – Change focus/go BACK one screen.

At any time you may look at bottom to see which session you are in:   1:–, 2:–, 3:–, etc

Those commands are the most used and will get you goign in a jiffy, however there are many other options you can read about on the Help page, which can be accessed via F1.

One thing we get alot is, “How do you set it to auto start when I log in?

Easy, just type:

    • byobu-enable

Don’t want it to autostart anymore?  Type:


That’s it!


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