I just know all you fellow geeks are out there drooling over the answer to this one, so I won’t keep you waiting.

What’s a sub-second, you ask?

Let’s make this easy…

Sub-Seconds and their Equivalents

a SECOND is 1000 milliseconds
a millisecond is 1000 microseconds
a microsecond is 1000 nano seconds
a nanosecond is 1000 picoseconds
a picosecond is 1000 femtoseconds
a femto second is 1000 attoseconds
an atto second is the shortest measurement of time as of May 12, 2010.

Interesting facts about the attosecond

  • 1 attosecond – In this amount of time, light can travel the length of two hydrogen atoms.
  • 24 attoseconds – A single unit of atomic time.
  • One attosend is to one second as one second to 31.71 billion years.
  • The attosecond is the smallest measurement of time man-kind can presently make.

Sub-Seconds to their Negative Powers

  • milli = 10^-3
  • micro = 10^-6
  • nano = 10^-9
  • pico = 10^-12
  • femto = 10^-15
  • atto = 10^-18



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