Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

On rare occasions, we see situations where your SSL certificate installation looks perfect but does not redirect the http:// traffic to https:// properly. It may leave you stuck on a white screen, not to be confused with the white screen of death due to improper WordPress setups.

To test that it’s NOT a WordPress problem, just open your index.php file and add echo ‘Hello”; exit(); and test your site. If you get the Hello on either the http or https version of your website, then it’s not a WordPress issue, it’s an HTTPS redirect issue. After troubleshooting, remember to remove the Hello and exit() function or your site won’t work anymore 😉

This redirect issue is a real pain because a lot of visitors don’t type out http or http into the address bar, they just type your domain and the dot-com, or dot-whatever and press Enter. That will likely take your visitor straight to the problematic http leaving them stuck at the white screen. If you have banged your head against the desk trying to figure this one out, join the club.

How To Fix It:

To fix this, open the following file with nano or your fav editor:


Look for ServerName and just below it add…

Redirect permanent /

When you are down it should look like this

<VirtualHost *:80>
Redirect permanent /

…what ever else was below this line, just leave that alone.

example of altering the file.

That usually solves it for us and I hope it solves it for you! If you can’t hammer it out, just give us a call.

How To Display WordPress Blog in Main Menu

When you first install WordPress, you can create posts and web pages.  Web pages can be selected from your website main menu (or some other menu you may decide to create) and are displayed in a standard document format.  Posts are very similar but they are pushed down in your blog view as you create new posts.  However, WordPress does not give you a menu item to select Blog like it does a standard web page.  The WordPress devs assume the user will simply click your logo or title, which would take them to the blog.  But what if you wanted a menu item anyway?  Or suppose you went into the configs and select Display Web Page rather than Display Latest Post?  How would the users easily find your posts?  Well, here is the answer, and it’s really simple.

  • First, make a page called Blog.
  • Make sure the new Blog page got added to your Main Menu
  • Navigate to your website and you should now see Blog as a select-able web page.

…and that’s all there is to it.  The solution is practically obvious, but if you were like me, it left you scratching your head in wonder for a little while.  I hope that helps you and if it does, please comment below!