When you first install WordPress, you can create posts and web pages.  Web pages can be selected from your website main menu (or some other menu you may decide to create) and are displayed in a standard document format.  Posts are very similar but they are pushed down in your blog view as you create new posts.  However, WordPress does not give you a menu item to select Blog like it does a standard web page.  The WordPress devs assume the user will simply click your logo or title, which would take them to the blog.  But what if you wanted a menu item anyway?  Or suppose you went into the configs and select Display Web Page rather than Display Latest Post?  How would the users easily find your posts?  Well, here is the answer, and it’s really simple.

  • First, make a page called Blog.
  • Make sure the new Blog page got added to your Main Menu
  • Navigate to your website and you should now see Blog as a select-able web page.

…and that’s all there is to it.  The solution is practically obvious, but if you were like me, it left you scratching your head in wonder for a little while.  I hope that helps you and if it does, please comment below!


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