So you ordered a new SSD to replace your slow-booting hard drive.  Awesome!  Now…how do you get the data over to the new drive?

If it’s just a data drive, then you could drag-n-drop or use copy, xcopy or Robocopy with mirroring (/MIR) assuming you are tech savvy know how to do this.

But what if you want the drive to be a bootable operating system drive?

Well, that’s a little trickier than you think.  You can’t just copy or Robocopy because those tools will not copy necessary system files you need to make your new SSD Windows bootable.   Nor will they create the partitions, you have to do that manually.  You could attempt your own clone, but if you go clone in the wrong direction, you will lose all your data!  So please be careful and have a good backup..

Kayonix can get your data onto the new SSD safely and it will boot as expected.  We have decades experience cloning and copying massive amounts of data during builds and rebuilds.  We know exactly what to do so everything goes without a hitch while keeping your data safe and achieving your goal…

Getting that new SSD in place for a faster booting, snappier feeling computer!







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