People often ask about the speed of SATA. It’s handy to know these speeds when comparing SATA devices like hard drives and SSDs.

First a little background information.  Here is the definition of SATA with some older acronyms thrown in for comparison.

  • SATA – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
  • PATA – Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment
  • ATA – Advanced Technology Attachment

Perhaps you remember these older hard drive attachments methods.  If so, you can see where SATA got it’s name.

There have been several revisions of SATA.  Here are the major revisions and their speeds:

  • SATA 1.0 = 1.5 Gbps
  • SATA 2.0 = 3 Gbps
  • SATA 3.0 = 6 Gbps
  • SATA 3.1 = 6 Gbps
  • SATA 3.2 = 6 Gbps

Gbps = Gigabits per second

For more about SATA, read Wikipedia.

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