Those crucial boxes full of precious data. They are so very important to your operation. They can also be a source of concern when things go wrong.

We provide many services for all sorts of servers. We can roll-out and maintain every kind of server that matters. Let’s take a closer look…


When you wish to store user files in a central location, a file server is perfect. You can also backup everyone’s files with one backup solution as opposed to users all backing up individually. Because a file server is usually run by IT professionals, your backups will be much more reliable.

LAMP Servers

LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.  A foundation for web or DB web servers requiring PHP. LAMP servers are the most employed web servers on the planet.  So naturally we take quite an interest in running and fixing them.  This web site is on a LAMP server.

We repair all aspects of LAMP servers including:

  • Linux – the core operating system
  • Apache – the software that delivers web pages to users
  • MySQL – one of the best database solutions out there
  • PHP – the code that integrates HTML and databases

Media Servers

Media storage pools constantly grow and rarely shrink. Protection for all your irreplaceable media is the center of attention for the roaring 2020’s. These professions benefit immensely from a media server:

  • Artists
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Sound Recording Engineer

Even home users benefit as we have never met someone that was happy about losing irrepplaceable pictures of family, or even the family movie library.

NAS Server

Running out of disk space? Time to consider Network Attached Storage (NAS). A NAS server (often called a “NAS box”) adds additional storage capacity to your network. It can also act as a small-office file server, replete with RAID implementations and centralized backup. Get one for the office – or be greedy and keep all that disk space to yourself. >:)

Web Servers

When you need to host an HTML website, or a PHP database-driven WordPress site, you need a web server. The two most popular architectures are Apache and Nginx (pronounced, “Engine-X”).