Nothing magical or expensive here, just a couple tips to help speed up your Android phone.

Clear your Phone Cache:

  • Settings\Storage\Cached data
  • Select “OK

Remove Unwanted Apps:

  • Select-Hold the app you want to get rid of
  • Drag up to Remove or Uninstall.

Update Your Apps:

  • App Drawer\Google Play Store
  • Select the Menu icon (three gray lines) at top left.
  • Select My apps and games
  • Select UPDATE ALL

Update Your Phone Software:

  • App Tray\Settings
  • Scroll down to System Update
  • Select Update Software

Remove unwanted Photos and Videos:

  • App Tray\Gallery
  • Select Album
  • Select–Hold photos to remove
  • Select DELETE from upper menu (the three gray dots)

I got these great tips from the Republic Wireless blog.  Check them out some time!


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