Technology is the backbone of every organization in the world.

If you have a tech problem, we have a solution. Whatever is broke, we can fix it.

Technical Qualifications

  • Microsoft MCSE
  • Cisco CCNA A+
  • Dell Certified
  • IBM Certified
  • Many lesser-known but highly-respected certifications

All certifications are available on request. 

You need a gorgeous website.

Your website is the first thing a customer sees. Don’t just make a good impression – make a GREAT impression! Here’s how a Kayonix-inspired landing page makes the perfect sales funnel


This is your big chance to impress. We have all the elements to give your landing page that WOW-factor.


Reviews, endorsements and testimonials will inspire confidence and encourage sales.

Supporting COntent

Compelling content will support your company motto with help from our talented staff-writers.


Call-To-Action buttons and contact forms will increase conversions.

Computer & Network

On-Site Service – we come to you in Central Alabama, just call! We also have Pick-Up & Repair service for Central Alabama. National Repair Service – ship your computer to us for repair.

Payment due when service is complete. Major credit cards accepted, no checks. Businesses may request standard Net-30 Invoicing.

If we can’t fix it, there is no charge. Call a professional in the first place. Call Kayonix.

Top-Notch Professional Computer Services…

Upgrading PC RAM for customer.


iTunes, iCloud and Mac Account out of sync Google Account Access & Security Use your fave email client to access Gmail Linking Facebook to Twitter Two-factor Security Advice & Configuration


Virus & other Malware RAM CPU Motherboard Power Supply (PSU) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Solid State Drive (SSD) Custom Builds WIFI problems Windows O/S (operating system) All versions! You bought a part somewhere else? Let us install it for you!


SAMBA File Servers – Less-expensive, more reliable Apache Server MySQL Server PHP Server Linux Workstation (Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS and more)


Ethernet LAN cables, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a Routers Ethernet Switches including PoE VLAN configurations WIFI configuration and troubleshooting


Install and configure your next router Firewall, IDS, IPS Tighten Security: Accounts, Passwords, Ports, UPnP, and more Secure Existing WIFI: Configure/Disable Guest WIFI as required Configure DDNS Port Forwarding Reconfigure DNS GeoIP Blocking Configure AT&T RG for Router-Behind-Router operations


Router security checks Computer zombie and malware scans Network clear of unwanted hackers and uninvited guests Physical security of all devices, serial numbers and passwords


Detect Quarantine Clean and remove Repair damage caused by virus and malware Recommend anti-virus software


DDNS setups Secure Socket Layer (SSL) implementation Web Servers – Web Hosting Web Development – Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB WordPress Moves from one web host to another WordPress Installation and Configuration WordPress Contact Forms WordPress Spam Prevention


Hardware Software Networking Routers Ethernet Switches Alternatives to expensive office software


Build that new computer desk for you Motorized sit-to-stand desks and tables

Company owned by a real:

Microsoft MCSE Cisco CCNA A+ Certified Dell Certified IBM Certified Many more lesser-known certificates All certificates are available upon request

We can fix anything that may be wrong with your computer, or even build one from scratch.

Complete system builds:

Home PC Silent-Build Low-power Build Gaming System Build File or Web Servers Custom NAS solutions

Repair or Upgrade any system you have:

RAM CPU Motherboard Power Supply (PSU) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Solid State Drive (SSD)

Commonly requested services:

Backup and cloning services Anti-virus, malware, PUP, and drive-by download cleaning Hardware recommendations Repair registry problems Recommend software settings for the best PC experience Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

LAMP Servers

LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. LAMP servers are the most employed web servers on the planet. So naturally we take quite an interest in running and fixing them. This whole web site is on a LAMP server!

We repair all aspects of LAMP servers including:

Linux – the core operating systemApache web server running on LinuxMySQL – one of the best database solutions out therePHP – the code that integrates HTML and databases

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems ever produced. Kayonix, LLC can write websites by hand from scratch, but we still love the convenience of WordPress. You will too!

WordPress Solutions:

Install from scratchMove WordPress Database from one host to anotherConfigure “Pretty Permalinks”Contact FormsCaptchaEmail Before DownloadingLive Chatand more!

WordPress Repairs:

Repair WordPress Directory issuesResolve “Stuck in Maintenance mode”.Configure Apapche2.conf properlyConfigure .htaccessFix “Cannot Crop Image” problemsBlock bad bots from crawling your website

Call us for any any Word Press consultation or problems, we’d be glad to help you!

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