LAMP Servers

LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.  LAMP servers are the most employed web servers on the planet.  So naturally we take quite an interest in running and fixing them.  This whole web site is on a LAMP server!

We repair all aspects of LAMP servers including:

  • Linux – the core operating system
  • Apache web server running on Linux
  • MySQL – one of the best database solutions out there
  • PHP – the code that integrates HTML and databases

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems ever produced.  Kayonix, LLC can write websites by hand from scratch, but we still love the convenience of WordPress.  You will too!

WordPress Solutions:

  • Install from scratch
  • Move WordPress Database from one host to another
  • Configure “Pretty Permalinks”
  • Contact Forms
  • Captcha
  • Email Before Downloading
  • Live Chat
  • and more!

WordPress Repairs:

  • Repair WordPress Directory issues
  • Resolve “Stuck in Maintenance mode”.
  • Configure Apapche2.conf properly
  • Configure .htaccess
  • Fix “Cannot Crop Image” problems
  • Block bad bots from crawling your website

Call us for any any Word Press consultation or problems, we’d be glad to help you!